Helping Mission DrivenCoaches CreateAUTOMATED SYSTEMS

That Save Time & Multiply Revenue

Even if you hate technology...

Automation Should Be

It shouldn't take
years to learn...

And definitely not
months to setup...
shouldn't feel like
wrestling a bear...

Let us handle the
hard stuff...

So you can
spend time
Creating Impact

Growing Your Company...
Enjoying Loved Ones...
Taking A Nap...

What you choose to do with the extra time is your business...

We Handle All of The Crazy Stuff....

We Build Websites That Do More Than Look Pretty

Create Funnels From Start To Finish

Connect & Automate Your Team

The Consultant You Need, Not Want


(Frickin Awesome Questions)

Is automation just another buzz word or a real thing?

Its up to you…. 

I could be doing anything right now while you read this so…..

what tools do you use?

While we have our favorites, our unique proposition is that we want to use the tools that #1 work best for you, #2 you’re most comfortable using if you don’t have our help #3 fit your budget & your vision. There is not a “best” tool its what tool is best for you and your business.

How much does it cost for you to help me?

If you want us to do things for you, services range from $1,500 for smaller projects, $5-10K for full funnels/websites. If you need mobile apps or software done for you, than you’re looking at a custom number that can be many times that.

what if we want our money back?

We understand that not all partnerships will go well and depending on the job or program, all refund terms will be spelled out prior in CLEAR print. You won’t need the antique magnifying glass to find them.

is it worth the money and effort?

You should believe your dreams and passions are always worth it. And we work to make sure you’re satisfied. We don’t promise that you will make $1 Million dollars in a month if you work with us. We promise to save you time, money, effort, and frustration so you can spend all of your valuable energy making whatever level of income you choose. It just happens we have clients that use our systems to bring in revenue!

how are you different from every other ******?

Our priority is to over deliver the mechanisms needed for you to accomplish your goals. We are honest to our own fault. And only want to work with people who know what they want to do, are excited to do it, and help people in the process. We don’t want any blood money….that’s yucky…

(and if you can’t tell, our personality is a little…well…different)

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What My Clients Say

Working with Justin Morgan and his tech team has been a life saver.  I run multiple business and Justin has always been there making sure all my technology needs are met.  He even flew into town to handle all my live event technology and made sure I had everything in place way before my event. Make sure you hire him as he will do an amazing job and is very professional. Thank you Justin for all that you have done and continue to do for my businesses.  Jennifer Harris CEO & Founder of Purses, Pumps & Power and Winning Warriors Veterans Foundation

Jennifer Harris
-CEO & Founder of Purses, Pumps & Power

ThankU Justin Morgan for all your assistance in helping me put over 300 Black Mompreneurs, together in one place to tell their story about what it’s like to raise a family , grow a business and taking care of yourself….work life balance is no joke.

Without your constant help and support with this ongoing project…our numbers would not continue to grow daily. Our hashtag #WeAllWeGot , is what it is…

Thank God we head you to bring us together through Automation Mastery. I look forward to continue to build this platform with you bringing along your bag of tricks.

Again than you for all that you do. God is the Greatest

Neesy Croft
-Founder Of The Mompreneurs Club

who the heck are we?

Starting in 2017 with a simple goal and a large vision.
After training, coaching, and serving hundreds of entrepreneurs and CEO’s, the founder, Justin Morgan, decided it was time to do more. To take the results that he created for the company he worked for and extend them them to more people.
He had seen so much money made, plenty of profit produced, and results rear their head in the business of others….but that wasn’t enough. There were others that need help. A world waiting for solutions, and he knew the very entrepreneurs who were making money had the keys to that change.

So we are taking on a challenge to teach entrepreneurs, CEO’s, businesses, and organizations that they can build an organization, automate the process and create an impact in their wallets AND in the world….

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